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Xiaomi Mijia K10 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Xiaomi Mijia launched Mijia K10 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner as the latest brand new holiday flagship product for the vacuum cleaner. The newly updated visual integrated system is available in Mijia Wireless Vacuum Cleaner K10. The system state can be viewed in real-time on the monitor screen. Its feature releases the fingers, but it also avoids button breakdowns triggered by frequent operations and is equipped with a 3000mAh battery life up to 650 minutes. Moreover, it is equipped with a high-speed mite removal brush, 9 with the possibility to see the cleaning mode, remainder power, fault, and other information.

Features of Xiaomi Mijia K10 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner:


The cleaner is fitted with a 125,000 rpm brushless engine, which provides a high-quality multi-cone cyclone cleaning and filtering system, compared with the previous generation of products. Furthermore, an LCD high definition monitor with a smart sensor floor brush and visual control have enhanced the setup and function comprehensively.

Editor’S Choice:

This 1499 yuan (first scheduled for 1299) vacuum cleaner can also equal the efficiency of many high-end model brands with thousands of yuan in terms of parameters. With the letter “K, “meaning “Key” and “King, “the brand new K 10 Wireless Stainless Steam Cleaner Mijia has modified its previous naming process. This also demonstrates that this wireless Stainless Steam Cleaner can be the” master key, “so it can solve different cleaning scenarios and make the product a comprehensive” King of Sleepers.

Brushless Motor:

In terms of goods, a 125,000-rpm high-speed brushless motor is fitted with the Mijia Wireless Vacuum Cleaner K10 that can be triggered instantly to provide powerful suction. The entire machine’s 150AW suction power is super vacuum suction to ensure the fast inhalation of dust, hair, visible particles, etc.

It sucks faster and harder and can suck the dirt deep into the floor. And carpet simultaneously so that all sorts of dust have nowhere to run. And the Mijia K10 wireless vacuum cleaner comes fitted with the highest standard 12-cone cyclone configuration in the industry. More cones mean that it can isolate the smaller-diameter particles from the inhaled air, which significantly enhances the effect of dust-gas separation.

And to avoid clogging of the HEPA filter element, thereby dramatically improving the HEPA filter element’s service life.

Filtration system:

Xiaomi Mijia K10 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner can provide surging suction. And filter dust more professionally through the industry’s high-standard filtration system, with a filtration efficiency comparable to a filter.

Mijia Wireless Vacuum Cleaner K10’s filtration system builds on the cleaner’s purifying logic and the five-fold filtration system, which is effective layer by layer, achieving 99.97 percent fine dust filtration as small as 0.3 microns and exhausting clean air.

Besides, the multi-cone cyclone separation scheme with low emissions prevents HEPA. Without the filter portion’s frequent replacement, the filter parts can be washed, ensuring efficient cleaning and making it more durable.

When using a vacuum cleaner, many people have a feeling of passiveness. The explanation is that in real-time, they do not comprehend the working state of the vacuum cleaner. The Mijia Wireless Vacuum Cleaner K10 has a newly updated visual interactive device that shows the machine status in real-time using an LCD monitor and can see the cleaning mode, remaining power, and faults.


It also implements a one-key self-locking feature. There is an electronic lock mechanism on the new screen. To continue to work, press the “lock” button and click it again to unlock it. It not only releases the fingers quickly but also prevents button failure caused by repeated operations. And other problems.

You should noted that simultaneous vacuuming and mopping is done by the Xiaomi Mijia K10 magnetic water tank. It adopts a flat drag design and a rag edging design to promote the cleaning of the corners. It is also possible to change water seepage by the turn.

The 250ml magnetic water tank is for various floor cleaning requirements.

Other Specs:

Intelligent cleaning systems allow the vacuum cleaner not only to substitute workers for “sucking .”And “dragging” work, but also to make more of the possible use of smart components.

The Xiaomi Mijia K10 floor brush automatically changes the gear location by recognizing different floor materials to replace artificial thinking, releasing hands, and liberating the brain.

Simultaneously, you can prevent the additional energy consumption due to vital gear. And the lifetime for the battery, which results in the multiplier effect, increased.

Consumers with the awareness that Xiaomi goods have more than one vacuum cleaner. Mijia Handheld Handheld Wireless vacuum cleaners from Mijia 1C have already astonished users around the world with the previous generation of vacuum cleaners recognized as “efficiency monsters,” surprising innumerable persons in the industry and abroad.

Brands will only develop when the competition is in place, and only healthy competition will bring real benefits to customers. Mijia’s advent of a wireless vacuum cleaner K10 led to the price and efficiency of the industry. Most significantly, customers will experience technical strength at a reduced rate.