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Roborock handheld wireless vacuum cleaner H7 released: more suction power, support for fast charging

As a new generation of vacuum cleaner products, it has the functions of light weight, high suction power, long battery life, no attenuation, and fast charging in terms of core performance; in terms of ease of use, it has achieved precise screen display, convenient storage, lock buttons, and child locks. Humanized design. At the same time, the appearance and practicality are taken into consideration. The color matching of deep space silver is used with transparent cover and blinds. The shape of the whole machine is full of dynamic and not overly ostentatious.

And in order to match the large-capacity battery and shorten the charging time, Rock Technology is equipped with a more powerful charger on the H7. The charging efficiency is 1.75 times that of the previous generation H6. The battery can be fully charged within 2.5 hours and automatically switched to " "Intelligent floating charge" state protects battery life.

The cleaning effect is the most important criterion for judging the quality of a vacuum cleaner, and the motor and suction directly affect the cleaning effect of the vacuum cleaner. At present, most low-end wireless handheld vacuum cleaners on the market use brush motors, while high-end vacuum cleaners are equipped with brushless motors. The stone handheld wireless vacuum cleaner H7 is equipped with a 480W DC brushless motor. The suction power of the whole machine is as high as 160AW, and the dust collection rate in the floor gap is as high as 105%. At the same time, it adopts a bionic impeller design. The smooth inner wall of the lotus leaf mastoid structure effectively reduces wind resistance and micro The particles stay in the fan, and the dirty ground environment is still easily competent.

Stone wireless handheld vacuum cleaner H7 is equipped with a variety of brush heads at the same time: crevice brush, hair brush, floor brush, bed brush, carpet brush, and extension rod and hose, which can fully cover indoor cleaning scenes, and can also be used for cleaning in cars. , At the same time, Rock Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner H7 has upgraded the child lock function.