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Xiaomi patents a smartphone design with built-in TWS

Xiaomi has been lately applying for weird futuristic design patents. Recently, we saw a

smartphone design with an all-around screen and a huge 108MP “AI Super Camera”. Now,

just a few days later, another patent has emerged that shows a handset with built-in TWS.

Xiaomi Smartphone Design Patent Built-in TWS 01As always, this new patent was spotted by LetsGoDigital. The publication also happens to

have found the same design last month at the China National Intellectual Property

Administration (CNIPA). But only now, they could understand its design, thanks to the

documents submitted at The Hague International Design System, which is part of the World

Intellectual Property Office (WIPO).

As you can see from the pictures, the smartphone in the design patent is capable of

housing a pair of truly wireless earphones, commonly known as TWS. It is similar to

the compartment for S Pen on Samsung Galaxy Note series of phones.

The patent does not mention the working of this TWS but it should be connecting with

the handset via Bluetooth. Though it is a cool idea to integrate wireless earphones with the phone,

it has shortcomings.

Xiaomi Smartphone Design Patent Built-in TWS 02

For example, housing for buds requires space inside the phone. Hence, the company needs

to cut some corners like reduce the battery size to achieve this design. Anyway, we don’t

expect Xiaomi to launch such a smartphone in the new future but who knows.