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QCY T5 VS QCY T6: Review


Are you searching for the finest below $50 True Wireless Earbuds? Then it’s about time I introduce the all-new QCY T6 to you. Wireless Earbuds are boon that aids you in escaping the problem of twisted wires, thereby making you have a comfortable listening experience. In our article today, we have chosen to assist you in choosing your Earbuds by creating a comparing QCY T5 and QCY T6.

One of the things that make the QCY T5 stand out is in its gaming mode. QCY T6 is the latest earbuds that have been introduced, and its long-lasting battery life is its most attractive feature. Now, the question is; between the T5 and T6, which is the better option? Find out all you need to know in as we progress.

Call Quality and Audio

A feature that you will discover in the QCY T6 earphone is in its audio quality. The bass lovers will appreciate it more due to the extra bass was added.

One of the surprising things that QCY introduced is the Noise Cancellation, which makes it easy to include equalizer and regulate your earphones via the app.

The bass, treble, and alto are all tune in QCY Y5. The QCY T5 is a good choice between the QCY T5 and QCY T6, for those individuals who are lovers of music. The QCY T6 is the perfect choice between QCY T5 and QCY T6, in terms of bass quality.

The Design

The earbuds possess a black body in the QCY T5 and T6 models. The QCY T6 TWS comes with a solid ear hook, unlike other earphones that come with a detachable ear hook. On the outside part of the Earbud lies a QCY logo, making it conspicuous enough for people to notice, but only when they take a closer look. Each Earbud possesses a silicon tip for the perfect fit in both QCY T6 and T5 models. The QCY T6 weighs only about 8.2 grams.

The QCY T5, on the contrary, comes with a stem design that is quite like the Apple Airpods Pro. In terms of design, the QCY T5 possesses a more beautiful design, but the QCY T6, however, sits more firmly on the ear.

Touch Controls

In both the QCY T5 and QCY T6 models, the controls are quite similar except for some differences.

In both models, you will be required to tap twice to answer/end a call and to play/pause music.

In order to jump to the next track, you are required to hold down the right Earbud for 2s, while to go to the previous song, you will hold the left Earbud for 2s.

Battery Life

In terms of battery life, there is a difference in both the QCY T5 and QCY T6 models. The QCY T6 Earbuds comes with a 60 mAh battery while the QCY T5 has a 40 mAh battery.